Discipleship Pathway

Discipleship Pathway

The Discipleship Pathway is the first step towards holistic, faith-fueled community development.

The discipleship pathway is a step-by-step program focused on helping leaders understand their identity in Christ, what that means for their community, and how they can inspire others to join their cause.

Discovering Your Identity in Christ

If an identity isn’t clear, leadership can be insincere, ineffective, and even dangerous. That’s why the catalyst for LINC’s community restoration model starts by working with grassroots community members to fully understand their identity. Do they have a mind for business? Do they have a heart for service? What skills do they have, either active or dormant, that may be able to be utilized to advance their community, and ultimately, the Kingdom.

After identity is established and understood, we work with the leader to brainstorm how that identity could best be applied in the community. This includes a variety of training sessions, conversations and mentoring processes to better help the leader grow in his or her faith so they can begin to not just understand their identity but form a vision for how it could practically improve their community while inspiring others to come on board and join the effort. As the vision gets more refined, the leadership process becomes more and more tailored around their specific vocation and how they can best implement their ideas to restore their communities.

Ultimately, we want to create a culture of impact through courageous leaders in communities who understand who they are, what they are called to do, and are equipped to step forward in faith to live it out. The Discipleship Pathway is the first step to making that happen!