Donate your time and energy to the amazing programs and leaders working with LINC

Join hundreds of LINC volunteers throughout the Los Angeles area! Bring a humble heart and a passion for service and you’ll fit right in!

Join Our Team!

LINC is looking for faith-driven, action-oriented individuals to walk alongside our community leaders and support them as they improve their neighborhoods.

If you are thinking about joining or even leading a mission trip, visit our mission team page here.

If you have something else in mind, please contact us and we’ll follow up with you!

Current Volunteer Opportunities

We facilitate matching individuals and teams to volunteer with our ministry leaders. Opportunities range for individuals to assist a leader with planning events and programs and extend to building connections and advocating for a ministry’s fund raising efforts. Teams often partner with ministry leaders as they assess their community, rehabilitate ministry properties and supplement their teams as they reach out to their community.

Visit our ministries page for more information on the LINC partners in need of volunteer assistance.