About LINC

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About LINC

We work to build equip and empower courageous leaders of impact in emerging communities.

LINC Los Angeles is a part of LINC International, a faith-driven, practically-focused 501(c)3 organization. We operate through various chapters based in different cities, and offer programs centered around empowering local leaders to make a difference in their own communities.


LINC Los Angeles

The diversity and sprawl of the second largest city on the nation, Los Angeles California mirrors most major U.S. cities. In Los Angeles county the highest 1% of income earners live side by side with a staggering 22% of people living below the poverty line. Homelessness and addiction rates are at epidemic levels, while consumerism and image-consciousness still reign supreme in “Tinsel Town.” New immigrants from every corner of the globe along with seekers of the Hollywood Dream arrive everyday. Among all Angelenos is collective yearning for peace, justice and equity, the kind of transformation only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can address.

LINC Los Angeles continues to listen to and immerse in the lives our neighbors, coming alongside local leaders who know the value of collaborative relationships as they seek to bring Gospel peace, justice, and equity to their communities. Over the past three years we’ve been convinced that the most effective and sustainable mission happens through empowering the local leader to start a new ministry that impacts the community in which they live. Working together to change the policies of economic development, housing, education, immigration and integration all present real opportunities for the holistic approach to fulfilling the mission Jesus gave us all – to love as we have been loved, making disciples and changing lives by the power of the Holy Spirit working through the people of the Church.

LINC International

LINC was founded with the vision of reaching the unreached communities that often extend beyond the church’s capacity for ministry. We believe that those often labeled the “least of these” hold tremendous potential for transformation. Our proven model encourages grassroots development which inspires the multiplication of impact through effective discipleship. We identify local leaders, engaging them towards discovering their true identity, and teaching how to help others to do the same. The result is impact in their own lives, the lives of others and their entire community — both for this life and the life to come.

Mission, Vision & Values

Mission – Plant, Nurture and Equip Groups of New Believers

LINC Bay Area is a non-profit faith-based organization that believes God loves communities and seeks to restore them through His people. LINC connects to empower local leaders who start new ministries that impact Bay Area communities with the Gospel.

Vision – The Bay Area Restored to God and Each Other Through Christ

We believe that God is at work restoring communities physically, spiritually and relationally. Our vision is to partner in this restoration process so that all people of the Bay Area are connected to God and each other through Christ. We believe in this way people can experience God’s presence, pardon, and peace in our diverse neighborhoods. This is the tangible benefit of God’s grace flowing through the church to our community.

Core Values

Our philosophy is guided by our core values:

Indigenous Leadership – We are committed to working through the people that already live in our communities.

Ethnic Diversity – We believe that God loves all people regardless of race, color & language.

Holistic Ministry –  We follow Jesus’ model of ministry to the whole person.

Courageous Mission – We take risks in order to reach the lost.

Collaboration – Our default position is partnership with others to achieve greater impact.

Leadership Team

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Employment & Internships

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